Are you thinking of rolling over your IRA or 401k into precious metals, but don’t know which company to choose?

There are several companies to choose from and it can be difficult to determine which is the best company for you. We do not want to see our visitors ripped off or scammed by some bogus investment company. Our website contains quality Gold IRA Company Reviews and other helpful resources to ensure you select the Best Gold IRA Company. After all, choosing the wrong gold investment company could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Fortunately, we have already spent many hours researching the most reputable Gold IRA Companies.

Things to consider:

  • What are the storage costs for each company?
  • Does the company only recommend particular coins (often coins that have a higher mark-up and give you unnecessarily expense) ?
  • Do they specialise in IRA rollovers or are they new to the market?
  • Does the company have a buy back program?
  • Does the company have a proven track record?

These are the type of points you must consider before rolling over your retirement fund into gold or silver. Please be advised that it is imperative you choose an industry leader when rolling over your investment retirement account into precious metals. Our website is designed to help you identify the best gold IRA company for your Gold IRA Rollover.


With every company claiming to be the best, how can you tell which one really is?

Whilst there are plenty of companies offering their service many are found to be below expectations. The easiest way to determine the best company is to compare each in terms of their: Better Business Bureau (BBB), Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) and consumer TrustLink scores.

(If you have not heard of the BBB, BCA and TrustLink organisations before, simply know, they are highly trusted groups that allow the consumer to voice an opinion about the service they have received from businesses such as gold IRA companies and they allow us to keep tabs on which companies are trustworthy and which are not – a simple Google search will tell you more.)

Using the information from these sources we have compiled a series of concise Company Reviews, but we know our readers are busy people and often do not have the time to read lengthy reviews. For those readers we have compiled a high level summary in the form of a Gold IRA Company Comparison Table comparing the top companies in terms of these factors.

However, for those readers that simply want to get straight to the point: We have done the research and the company that clearly comes out on top is one of the fastest growing financial companies in the United States and has been featured in Forbes Magazine. The company we can fully recommend to rollover your IRA into Gold or Silver is Regal Assets. You can find out more about them at their official website:


gold ira awards


Why do we Recommend Regal Assets?

Regal Assets are a long established financial services business based in California with hundreds of positive reviews from real life clients. Not only are they the most trusted Gold IRA company and come out on top on in terms of their BBB, BCA and TrustLink scores. They are specialists at rolling over IRA’s and 401k accounts into precious metals and have years of experience. Customer reviews reveal Regal Assets provide unparalleled customer service. The staff work tirelessly to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your investment thus upholding Regal Asset’s unmatched customer service record. At the time of writing Regal have had no registered complaints across the BBB, BCA and TrustLink since March 2013 and have only had a couple of complaints in the past 3 years, such a low complaints ratio is something competitors can only hope to replicate with several competitors having more than five times as many complaints. Just what makes Regal Assets so good?


Fast Shipping

Regal are so confident they can get your precious metals to you within 7 days that if they don’t they will give you a free silver coin. Everything is shipped securely in discreet packaging and large shipments are sent by Brinks via armed guards. We found other companies may take up to 90 days just to deliver.


Regal will pay all you first year costs

Costs including: setup fees, admin fees, storage fees and delivery fees will all be covered by Regal Assets for the first year. Saving you over $500 which most other companies would make you pay. After this Regal Assets only charge a flat administrator fee of $100 per year on all retirement accounts unlike other companies that have a scaling fee structure.


Rapid order processing

Regal are very fast at processing orders because they do everything electronically. They let you submit documents online rather than requesting them be returned by post. This means orders can be processed much faster than the majority of their competitors. Often transferring Custodian funds within 48 hours.


Segregated Storage

Regal offer segregated storage which is considered the safest option for storing your precious metals. Competitors are either more expensive or do not even offer segregated storage.


Gold Buy Back Policy

Regal Assets make it easy to sell your precious metals back to them. Existing customers simply contact their dedicated account manager and advise them of the decision to sell the gold back. Regal Assets will then happily buy back the gold from you. A company buy back policy can be crucial if something unexpected happens in your life and you need to cash in your precious metals quickly.


In summary compared to their competitors Regal Assets have:

  • The highest score at the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • The highest score at the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).
  • The lead on TrustLink with 5 stars based on over 300 reviews.
  • A superior range of services offered at a fantastic price
  • The fastest shipping process available.
  • Excellent precious metals buy back policy

With the company excelling in so many areas it is difficult for us to recommend anyone other than Regal Assets.


How to get started? Regal make the process very easy

Rolling over your IRA with Regal Assets could not be simpler. For starters, their website is one of the best, you can begin your investment directly on the site or if you have questions you can easily chat online with an investment expert to receive free investment advice. Prefer to talk on the phone? No problem just call them at the number on their website during California business hours.


Still have question or want to get started? You can find out more about Regal Assets at their official website:

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