APMEX Company Review

There is a reason that the gold investment business is booming. With an economy that isn’t stable and an uncertain future, many people are looking for an investment that is a bit more tangible. Gold and other precious metals are a physical reminder of an investment. These are items that always retain value no matter what the economic situation. With so many people wanting to invest in gold and roll over their 401k and IRAs, there have been many companies that have popped up to help in these transactions. American Precious Metals Exchange, or APMEX, is one of these companies.


Consumer Advocacy Groups

Is this a company that should be used? When looking at sites like the Better Business Bureau, it makes one consider the alternatives. On the surface, APMEX is a company that should be trusted. It has an A+ rating and is an accredited company with the BBB. This shows that the company should be a standard-bearer when it comes to their own industry. Yet a little doubt comes when one considers the implications of this. An A+ rating can only come from being accredited with the BBB and accreditation can only come from actually paying the BBB a fee. This calls in to question a bit of what the Better Business Bureau does as an organization. It also calls in to question the companies the BBB endorses.

Consumer Reviews

There are a great amount of positive reviews for APMEX. Many reviews on the net state they have done great business with the company. There are many customers who have had transactions with the company that will gladly recommend it to other people. Sometimes it isn’t the positive comments that should be considered, but the negative. There are many consumer driven websites that let customers write their own thoughts down about the site. When one looks at these sites, a better picture of APMEX is formed.

The Complaint Board has numerous negative reviews about APMEX. These entries range from issues regarding customer service to issues about the company delivering on promises. One customer is irritated that the promised high-grade order didn’t come through. Instead, this customer received products that were of low-grade and of little value. When the customer tried to resolve this with the company, APMEX would only help if the customer footed the bill to return the product. This customer was not happy with that result, stating that APMEX should have absorbed the cost for their own mistake.

Another website called The Ripoff Report shows similar consumer complaints. Customers on this site complain about customer service issues to product quality issues. One customer bemoaned the fact that APMEX used to be a good company, but now seemed mostly to put the glint of money and gold in front of helping actual customers. Another customer says that the quality of the product he received didn’t match what he expected. These customer reviews, as well as others that can be found scattered around the World Wide Web, do not reflect well on the company. APMEX would not look good if one were only to go by these customer reviews.


Putting it all in context

It is easy to read these negative reviews and come away with a bad view of APMEX. However, one must consider that any business in any industry will have negative reviews and complaints filed against it at some point. There will always be unhappy customers that had one or two things that didn’t go the way the customer wanted. There are a lot of negative reviews about APMEX on the web, but there are also many positive reviews. A person should make sure to consider all angles when researching a company. This is especially true when looking for a company in the gold buying and IRA Rollover industry.

Yet, these negative reviews do still exist. It is best to research the negative as well. See what the company does to mitigate these reviews. Do they have an open policy on helping fix these complaints? Is the picture of APMEX as a company that isn’t focused on consumers true? The answers to this seem to be mixed. APMEX doesn’t have a perfect reputation but there are still many that seem to like using the company.

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