Blanchard Company Review

With markets all over the world in steep rise and decline, the economy in many countries is unstable. These spikes and valleys leave investors unsure of what the future holds. The markets are no longer a good indicator of where the economy will go. Since the economy isn’t doing well either, many are nervous about the future. This is leading many to start to invest in gold and precious metals, converting both 401k accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts in to gold based IRAs. Many companies have risen to help amateur and veteran investors through the gold buying sea. Blanchard and Company are one of these businesses to offer such services to the masses.


Positive Press

Blanchard and Company has a good reputation online. With all the reviews of the company on the World Wide Web, there is a good amount of positive buzz surrounding the company. Many rate Blanchard and Company a full five stars. There are comments talking about how the company is the best in the industry and treats customers well. Blanchard and Company has a reputation for employing honest associates that are knowledgeable and experienced in the field. This is all good news, but positive press doesn’t always tell the greater tale. Searching through consumer advocacy sites and consumer review sites starts to show a bit of a different side to Blanchard and Company.

Consumer Reviews

The Ripoff Report is a site that prides itself on ferreting out the bad companies in the world. It does this by inviting consumers to lodge complaints against the various companies around the country. This is one of the older websites that focuses on consumer oriented reviews, instead of being a consumer advocate. Blanchard and Company starts to show it doesn’t have a pristine image with a site like the Ripoff Report.

There are many complaints against the company on The Ripoff Report website. One customer claims the product a Blanchard and Company agent invested in wasn’t the product he was promised. Since he was unsatisfied with what the agent had invested his money in, he tried to sell the coins back to the company. The agent with the company offered him half of the value he had purchased the coins at, despite the purchase not being his fault. He decided to see what the coins were originally worth, finding that the product wasn’t even valued at the price he originally paid.

This story and many others balance out the positive press that Blanchard and Company has built up. Although every company will have dissatisfied customers, consumer review sites like The Ripoff Report show that not all is perfect with the company.


Consumer Advocacy Organizations

The Better Business Bureau is the granddaddy of Consumer Advocacy. Because of this, many people swear by the ratings and grades the company hands out. Since the early 21st Century, the BBB has rated companies on a typical grade scale from F to A+. A+ is the best rating a company can get through the BBB. Blanchard and Company currently has an A+ rating through the BBB. They are also an accredited company, which means a company is careful to enact all the standards that the BBB sets forth.

The BBB’s top rating sound great. An A+ is a passing grade for any company. To get an A+ the company must be accredited. To become accredited, the company has to fill out a bit of paperwork and pay a fee. Even if the Better Business Bureau doesn’t realize it, this could be viewed as a company paying for a positive rating. This doesn’t help the reputation of Blanchard and Company and only helps to tarnish anything positive about the business.

Research is Key

Blanchard and Company does have a lot of positive comments about them on the internet. However, there are many negative comments about the company as well. Combine this with the idea that they paid for a good rating with the BBB and one must pause. This could be the best company in the world, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to bad practices. This company just needs to be researched before making a decision to let them handle a large amount of money.

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