Broad Financial Company Review

It is easy to forget there was a time when investing wasn’t easy for the average consumer. Over the last decade, many companies have helped make the investment process clear and easy. With an economy that seems to spike and fall with regularity, many are turning from investing in regular markets to something that has a bit more lasting value: Gold and precious metals. One company that offers help to the average consumer in this industry is Broad Financial. One company among many, is this business worth using? The short answer is yes but with some reservations.


Reviews from Consumers

Broad Financial is one company that has a plethora of reviews about it out on the internet. Sites like Trustlink and The Ripoff report are customer review websites that help rate various companies around the internet. There are many positive reviews for Broad Financial, including those that praise the customer service and quality of the company. There are also several negative reviews about the company. These reviews offer opposing viewpoints that critique how Broad Financial represents itself to how the company copes with customer irritation. All companies have both negative and positive comments, but the negative comments always hold a greater sway among consumers.

Consumer Advocacy

There are also consumer advocacy organizations like the Better Business Bureau that praise Broad Financial, giving the company an A+ rating and an accreditation. This means that the company should be a flag bearer for the standards the BBB sets forth. There are a few chinks in this otherwise armoured façade. One is the fact that to get an A+ grade, a company has to be accredited. To become accredited, a company has to pay the BBB a fee.

Broad Financial also has a small amount of complaints filed against it through the BBB. These complaints seem to be closed, but their nature should give one a pause. There are both advertising and billing complaints, both of which should make a potential consumer do a little research. The closed nature of these complaints gives no hint to the true details or how broad Financial handled the issues.

Dealing in Trust

Ultimately the main thrust of the negative reviews is about trust. There must be trust between a company and a customer in any business. This is especially true when dealing with a large amount of money and access to a private account, like an IRA. There are positive reviews of Broad Financial, but the negative ones still have to be considered. Without a good level of trust, customers won’t use the services a company offers. A company could have the best product on the market but it means nothing if customers don’t believe in the company. Broad Financial must try to repair any breach of trust between themselves and their own customer base to continue to succeed.


Accentuate the Positive

With every negative there is a positive. Broad Financial is a well regarded company within the gold buying and IRA rollover industry. There are many people who would go to bat for the company, swearing they offer the best service along with a knowledgeable and experienced staff. This is a good thing. There should be more good companies to choose from than bad. Broad Financial seems to fall on the good side of the fence when dealing with their own customers and services. The positive reviews show a side of the company that many businesses strive, including great customer relations coupled with a great service. The positive reviews shouldn’t just be considered when deciding to roll over an IRA.

What does this mean?

In the end, a company is only as good as the last good customer transaction. What both the negative and positive reviews of Broad Financial mean is that a customer should make up his or her own mind. There should be a copious amount of research in to both the good and bad of the company. Right now it seems Broad Financial is like a great wine but with a dead fly floating in it. It is a good company but it should take steps to excise the bad from the good. This will help repair any trust issues that are keeping some people away from the company.

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