Capital Gold Company Review

The rule of owning an IRA state a person can use the funds however he or she desires. There are penalties for pulling the money out early, but the funds are still accessible. One of the great things about an IRA is that the monies put in can be made up of items such as gold, silver and other precious metals. Because of this and the constant shifting of the economy, many people are starting to roll over their IRA and 401k accounts in to a gold based IRA. Companies such as Capital Gold Group have risen up to help make this transition as painless as possible.


A company to trust?

Capital Gold Group is not without a loyal customer base. Looking through the reviews on the internet, one can find many people who have had a good experience with the company. These people had no issues with the services offered. The gold and precious metals came to the investors without a hitch. This is good news but also can create a false sense of comfort with a company. Many will think there are no issues and be blindsided when one arises. However, searching though different sites through the World Wide Web shows a different view-point.

Consumer Advocacy Group

Splitting off from Better Business Bureau, the Business Consumer Alliance holds a desire to help consumers in Southern California region. The BCA has become one of the top consumer advocacy organizations in the USA. The ratings that the BCA assigns a company are a combination of both negative and positive views. Since the BCA rates on a scale of F to AAA, many factors play in to how a company is viewed.

Capital Gold currently holds an AAA rating within the Business Consumer Alliance. However, this is in spite of a number of complaints filed at the company. These complaints include charges of bad service, products not being of high quality and several other issues. This creates a disconnect between the rating and the complaints. Although the Capital Gold Group has a good rating, these complaints aren’t the only negative reviews found on the internet.

Consumer Reviews

One of the oldest and most trusted consumer review sites on the internet is called The Complaint Board. It is easy to search for a company on the site, just type the name in to the search box and go. The complaint found for Capital Gold Group on this site follow the same complaints found on the Business Consumer Alliance website. The consumer had issues with the customer service and never received the product mentioned. Although the customer tried to contact the company to talk about this issue, contact was not made. The product wasn’t sent out and customer service didn’t get a hold of this customer to resolve the issue at hand.

Another trusted consumer review site on the internet is called Scambook. This site is set up so that people can review companies in a nonthreatening environment. One of the major complaints against the company through Scambook involves the coins received being appraised at half the value the customer paid. This customer invested $5,000 of his own money in to the product, meaning this investment started out at a $2,200 loss. The company didn’t reimburse the customer but assured him his coins were profitable.


A golden opportunity?

The Capital Gold Group does have a lot of supporters throughout the internet. This includes many of the consumer advocacy web sites and consumer review web sites. However, there are still complaints from customers relating to product quality and customer service. It is hard to fully recommend a company that is supposed to be in the customer service field when a good amount of complaints can be found against the company. These complaints should lead one to carefully consider the route one will take to investing in gold and rolling over an IRA. This isn’t a step that should be taken lightly and research is the key. Although the Capital Gold Group clearly has experience and history in the industry, there are also some bad apples in the company barrel. Be aware of the downside of the company and don’t go in to it blind.

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