CheckBook IRA Review

The economy seems to be on a slide no matter what part of the world a person lives. The rapid spikes and declines are keeping even the most experiences economist guessing at the future. Those wanting to invest in stocks and bonds are holding back, unsure of where to put money. One area that many should start looking at is investing in gold and precious metals. Rolling over a 401k or an Individual Retirement Account in to a gold based IRA is a good way to secure a retirement. There are many companies offering services to help consumers roll over an IRA. One such company is Checkbook IRA, LLC. Is this a company that should be used or one that should be avoided?


Staying Anonymous Online

In this digital age that the world is going through, anonymity is a rare thing. Even the most unknown person in the world seems leave a digital footprint. When a company that is supposed to be well-known comes up with virtually no hits, it has to raise a warning flag. Checkbook IRA, LLC says it has been in business since 2004. This may be the case, but this is hard to judge from what little information can be found about the company in the World Wide Web. There are no positive reviews and no negative reviews outside the official website. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it should give one pause for thought.

Looking up other companies that buy gold and roll over 401k and IRAs brings up a wealth of information. One can easily determine if a company is well liked by the customer or has issues. With Checkbook IRA LLC, this isn’t the case. It isn’t easy to see which way the wind blows in regard to customer loyalty. Does this mean it’s a good company or a bad one? Experience must be the guide when it comes to a decision of this nature.

Twisting a Name

For those that aren’t experienced, the name of the company may seem like a positive lure. When researching a Self Directed Individual Retirement Account, one might find that it is also called a Checkbook IRA. This name can either be a clever way to bring people to the virtual doorsteps of the company or just another way to snag people who have no prior knowledge of the industry. Is this a good twisting of the name? From a marketing standpoint it is but one can’t help but wonder at the true intent of the naming convention.

Accentuating the Positive

The lack of information and the choice of name doesn’t necessarily mean this company should be avoided. There are some positive reviews of the business on the company’s own website. A company can’t advertise without there being truth to the words used. It is also common practice to name a company in a way that will bring in customers. Checkbook IRA is a great name from a certain point of view. Many people probably stumble on to the website and come in, without knowing the gold buying and selling industry as a whole.

This isn’t a bad thing and speaks of a rather sharp mind behind the scenes. This could speak of a vast well of experience on the part of the company, one which will use the money brought in to invest wisely in gold and other precious metals.


Final Thoughts

The lack of information about this company doesn’t mean it is a bad one to use. On the contrary, it might just be the best company n the business. However a person can’t find this out without trying the company out. The amount of money that is being used to help fund gold and precious metal investment might seem like a paltry sum to many, but to the people relying on this to retire it is not. A company can’t expect anyone to use it without going over some information before hand. Wise counsel is needed when making a decision of this magnitude no matter what the industry. One must ponder the name itself and consider the company as well. Is it a ply to bring people in or just a genuinely unique marketing tactic? It is a question that should wait until a person does further research and finds out more information about this company.

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