Goldco Direct Review

Building up money for retirement is never an easy task. With bills and family eating away at saved funds, often putting money away for retirement can be an exercise in patience and faith. This is especially true during tough economic times. One way that many have started to prepare for life after work is through rolling over a 401k or an Individual Retirement Account in to Gold based IRA. Gold and other precious metals retain their value through tough economic times, creating a solid investment that has a valuable history. Many companies offer services to help buy gold coins and bullion after rolling over the retirement funds in to the Gold based IRA. GoldCo Direct is one of these companies that is out to help the customer. However, is it a company that can be trusted with your money?


No digital footprint

There doesn’t seem to be much information available on through the World Wide Web concerning GoldCo Direct. Any company that does business on the internet and in these modern times should have more than a couple of hits when it comes to a digital footprint. Although GoldCo Direct is a modern company with ways to communicate through the website, there are only a couple of reviews out on the web concerning the business. One is an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Although this rating seems good on the surface, it is one that has a fee attached. This leads a person to wonder if these ratings are handed out to good companies or only those that want to pay for it. The other bit of information is from the Business Consumer Alliance, a group that broke off from the BBB for practices perceived to be against consumers.

Some Positive, some negative

The Business Consumer Alliance is an organization that advocates for Southern California consumers. Created as a response to some of the less noble attributes of the Better Business Bureau, the BCA attempts to right those wrongs through applying different rules to consumer advocacy.

Although the BCA tries to right the wrongs of its predecessor, one wonders if this is the case. Complaints that were once filed against GoldCo Direct through the site are now gone. GoldCo had a grade of A in August of 2013 with at least one complaint filed against it through the BCA. As of December of 2013, the complaint is gone and the company has an AAA rating. For anyone that knows the consumer advocacy industry, this is a bit disturbing. Although complaints close and become resolved, they don’t just disappear.


All Information is good

Of course, the information that is present about GoldCo Direct is good information. The A+ rating from the BBB coupled with the AAA rating from the BCA and positive reviews from present GoldCo Direct as a company to be trusted. Since there is no other information refuting these claims, one must go with the information given. There are many other gold buying and IRA rollover companies that have much worse reputations. GoldCo Direct, so far, has a stellar reputation and should be seriously considered as a company to use when rolling over a 401k or an existing IRA in to a gold IRA.

The Missing Information

What is really disconcerting is the information that isn’t on the net. With only a few places that GoldCo Direct is even mentioned, it would be hard pressed for anyone to actually recommend the company. The fluid nature of the internet makes it easy to distrust even the oldest consumer advocacy site. When information is located on one website one day and not the next, one has to wonder if there are other factors at play here. However, the company does have a positive record now and shouldn’t be totally ignored. There are many people who seem to love the company and give it a high rating. GoldCo Direct holds the highest rating possible on both the BBB and BCA websites. Trustlink, a BBB creation, also has many five-star reviews about the company. Where are the negative reviews? If GoldCo has been in business for any length of time, why don’t we see any? It is up to the consumer to do the research necessary to really come to terms with the truth about this company.

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