Guidant Financial Review

It has been years since anyone could put any real faith in the economy. Despite governmental statements that the economy is doing well, economic and investment professionals think otherwise. This has led to a high demand of Investing in a stable and long-lasting commodity like gold. Many are taking the funds from their 401k and Individual Retirement Accounts and rolling them over in to gold based IRA. This helps setup a good fund for when the person retires. Gold holds value even during the toughest of economic times. Helping many through this process are investment companies created for just that purpose.

Guidant Financial is one of these companies. With over a decade of experience in the gold buying and IRA roll over field, the company seems to have the knowledge necessary to help customers. The company also seems to have a pretty good reputation on the World Wide Web. Is this reputation valid or should an interested consumer be cautious?


Bad Accreditation

There is some controversy surrounding one of the oldest consumer advocacy groups in the world. The Better Business Bureau, otherwise known as the BBB, has been a beacon of hope for consumers since the mid 20th Century. For the most part the organization has done its best to help consumers separate good companies from the bad. However, one of the policies from the BBB is to allow companies to purchase accreditation. Accreditation is the only way to get the highest score possible in the BBB rating system. Guidant Financial is both an accredited company and holds and A+ rating through the organization. The policy of the BBB only leads to consumer distrust in both the Better Business Bureau and the company that has accreditation, Guidant Financial.

This distrust in Guidant Financial through the BBB extends to the different complaints filed against the company. There are eight different closed cases currently listed on the BBB website. These range from bad service to billing and product issues. On their own, these complaints wouldn’t be an issue. However, combining these complaints with the sneaky accreditation practices and other web reviews paints the company in a bad light.

Consumer Reviews

Among the different complaints about Guidant Financial on the internet is one located at the Ripoff Report. This is one of the oldest consumer review sites on the internet, dating back in to the hallowed age of the 1990s. This site has a long history of helping customers resolve issues with different companies. In the case of Guidant Financial, the complaint involves unauthorized debit of a checking account. This is a grievous charge against a company that is handling the investment capital for so many people. A company must be trusted with the funds that are put in their care. This may be one complaint but it is one of many.


Differing Expectations

How does a bad review affect a company when so much positive can be found? These reviews and complaints should be taken with a little bit of caution. Any company that has put itself out in to the digital landscape attracts criticism. Some of it is valid but often complaints are just customers who had different expectations for a business. These expectations are often out of touch with what the business actually does for a customer. When a person is rolling over an IRA in to a gold based IRA, there is often an expectation of immediate income and riches. This can be an issue that brings many to hate most companies in this line of work.

Final Thoughts

The truth of the matter is all companies have good and bad associated with them. Some people like a company and will recommend it to friends. Others will do all they can to besmirch the name of a business. It is up to the individual to truly research and decide if he or she wants to support a business. However, reviews are hard to deny. Guidant Financial has both good and bad reviews on the net. The good reviews paint a picture of a rosy company that should be used by everyone. The bad reviews? They show a company that should be well-researched and used with only the sharpest of critical eye.

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