Lexi Capital Company Review

Many people are taking a look at the future and deciding to take a step in securing their own retirement. Although the economy looks good at one time and bad at another, it is hard to predict what it will be like in twenty years. This is forcing the hand of many to look outside of the usual investment scenarios and find something that is much more tangible. These people are taking funds raised from Individual Retirement Accounts and 401k accounts and rolling them over in to a gold IRA. Since gold is historically a commodity that keeps value, basing an IRA on gold isn’t a bad strategy to secure a good retirement.

There are many companies that have stepped up to the plate to help guide consumers through the IRA roll over process. Many of these companies want to help their customers get the best bang for the buck. They will go out of their way to put the customer first, dealing with each negative issue as it comes up. This helps develop trust between a business and a client. Is Lexi Capital one of the companies that wish to help the consumer through both calm and rough seas? Or it is a company that throws their customer base overboard at the first sign of trouble?


Consumer Advocate Trust?

Looking through the internet finds very little information about Lexi Capital. There are many reviews, but often it is the same information regurgitated over and over. To find out some real information on the company, it is best to go to a site like the Better Business Bureau.

Lexi Capital currently holds an A- rating with the organization as well as an accredited status. This means that the company comes close to being a shining example of what the BBB tries to convey. However, this may be a bit of a false claim since to become accredited through the BBB a company has to pay money or dues. The only way to get the highest rating of A+ is to be accredited. This doesn’t mean that support of the BBB is bad thing, but it does cause a person to question the value of what the Better Business Bureau has to offer. There is also a complaint about the company on the BBB site. It is a closed complaint that centers on how product is delivered.

The Truth is out There

Suspicions about how a consumer advocacy group works coupled with one complaint isn’t enough to ignore a company. There are many other reviews out about Lexi Capital that paint a bit of a rosier picture than what is presented here. This should help anyone looking to get in to the gold investment game feel a bit safer about using the company. The positive reviews about Lexi Capital can lead one to believe it is a company that will help and not hinder gold investment or an IRA roll over. This helps inspire confidence in an organization that might seem a little shady at first. Hopefully, speaking to the folks at Lexi Capital will help dissuade any notions of impropriety. Of course the lack of real information can be a tad disturbing to some.


Slippery When Wet

Just be cautious. Outside of the Better Business Bureau and a bunch of similarly themed reviews, there seems to be little more information on the internet about the company. There are testimonials on the Lexi Capital website that are supposed to tell good things about the company, but those should be taken with a grain of salt. This lack of information can mean one of three things. The first is that the company is so new that no one has had time to write about it. The second is that it has changed names from another company to hide a less than honest past. The third is that the company has used another service to help scrub and clean up the image on the internet. These three issues won’t make anyone a fan of a company. The first one can be excused, but the second two are a company just trying to hide a bad reputation. It is not clear which of these apply to Lexi Capital but whatever the case be sure to research the company well before investing with them.

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