Merit Gold Company Review

Gold is a commodity that holds value and a stable price during even the roughest of economic periods. As the economy shifts from soaring highs to deep lows, one could hardly call this economy stable. Because of this, many people are looking to secure the future through investing in gold and other precious metals. This has led to many companies rising out of the woodwork to help buy gold and rollover an IRA or 401k. Merit Gold is one of these companies. Should this company be avoided or is it a company that should be used? Researching the World Wide Web can give a good idea about the company.


Consumers Review it all

Although Merit Gold has a good reputation in the industry, this doesn’t mean that all customers like the company. There are many good reviews and happy customers of the company to be found on the World Wide Web. These people obviously have found a place they are comfortable with and can use without fear. This isn’t always the case with Merit Gold. The company seems to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Some people love the company but others find it not to their taste.

Ripoff Report

The Ripoff Report is the oldest consumer review site on the internet. It is a respected website that many use on a daily basis to find out the truth behind companies. Merit Gold has several complaints on the site that are of a similar nature claiming the company misrepresents itself in a pretty major way. One customer makes an accusation of a pretty heinous bait and switch scheme, that brings a customer in for one product but tries to get him to buy another product at a higher price.

This customer says they have been burned by other companies but he decided to give Merit Gold a chance. When he called the company, they seemed eager to help. The customer claims to have put through an order and figured that was that. Apparently, the company kept calling him with the intent of getting him to buy higher priced product. He had no interest in this product and knew it wouldn’t work out well. Eventually the customer cancelled his order and told the company to put him on their do not call list.


Complaints Board

The Complaints Board is one of the older consumer review sites on the net. There aren’t a lot of complaints listed for Merit Gold, but a few that show a side of the company that may lead some to pause. One of the complaints centers on what the company advertises. In summary it  claims the following:

After calling up the company upon viewing an internet ad, the customer decided to go with the company. The agent he talked to said the customer had seven days to return any product that was purchased through the company. The customer decided to try out the company despite a few inner misgivings.  The customer received his purchase two weeks after he had ordered the coins. He took the coins to a dealer to see if his purchase was worth what he had paid. Upon examination, the customer claims the dealer said the value was much less than what he had paid. When the customer called Merit Gold and tried to return the coins, he was told the seven-day grace period was up. The customer only received the product the day before. This means that Merit Gold considered the grace period in to the two weeks of shipping. The customer filed a complaint but never got his money back or heard form the company again.

Final Thoughts

There are many positive reviews of Merit Gold on the internet, but the negative ones should make a consumer think twice. It is easy for the rich to throw around ten or twenty thousand dollars with ease. This can lead to testing out companies like Merit Gold without causing great harm. When a common person is saving for his or her retirement, they wish to use the best possible company. Gold is a great investment but often companies will try to swindle decent people in a myriad of ways. Merit Gold may not be one of those companies but the negative reviews should at least make a person pause and double check that Merit Gold is the best company for them.

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