Morgan Gold Company Review

It seems the economy is either in a tailspin or a rapid recovery over the last few years. This leaves many worried about where the future is going. Investors are looking for stocks and bonds that are a bit more stable while economists seem to prophecy nothing but doom and gloom. Those looking to secure their future through 401k accounts or Individual Retirement Accounts are worried as well. Will the money they work so hard to squirrel away be worth anything when retirement age comes around? Because of this thought, many are starting to look in to investing in gold.


Gold is historically a commodity that holds value. No matter how the economy spikes or dips, people will still want to buy and sell gold. Rolling over an IRA or 401k in to a gold based IRA is a good way to secure the future. Morgan Gold is a company that wants to help people through the IRA rollover process. However, it is a company that can be trusted?

Advocating for consumers

After splitting off from the Better business Bureau in 2013, the Business Consumer Alliance has quickly risen to be a respected and trusted source of consumer advocacy. The organization looks over every Southern California business and gives it a rating from F to AAA. It also lists the complaints that consumers have raised against the company. Morgan Gold currently holds an A rating with the BCA, which puts it near the top. Realistically the truth about companies doesn’t come out with the grade but with the complaints filed.

There are six or seven currently closed complaints with Morgan Gold. These all revolve around misrepresentation and service issues. One customer filed a complaint about the true nature of the charges associated with their purchase. This complaint details how dissatisfied they were with the company at the time and how they were not sure about using the company again. Although Morgan Gold followed up this complaint and helped resolve the issue, this is only one of several complaints found about the company on the World Wide Web.

Morgan Gold currently has an A- rating through the granddaddy of all consumer advocacy groups, the Better Business Bureau. This is down from an A+ rating that the company had in August of 2013. It also is an accredited business, which means the company is supposed to embody all that the BBB has to offer. Of course, obtaining the highest rating requires accreditation through the BBB. Accreditation requires that a company pay dues to the organization. Being accredited shows they are willing to pay money to receive a good rating. There is also one complaint filed against the company on the BBB website. This complaint follows the same complaints listed above: Service problems. It has been resolved but the complaint itself still shows a pattern. The good news is that the company appear to be working with the consumer to resolve complaints.


The Truth of It

The complaints through these consumer advocacy sites might just be that, complaints. Each one is resolved seemingly to the customer’s satisfaction. Although Morgan Gold doesn’t hold the highest rating on either website, the company does hold a high rating. This should help any potential customer give consideration to the company. The truth is that every company has people who complain about services and issues. This is especially true in a world that has gone digital, when everyone has access to a keyboard and can voice their opinion. A customer must balance the bad complaints with the good and figure out which holds more weight.

The Final Thought

Morgan Gold doesn’t seem to be a bad company. Many people have good things to say about the employees and the owners. However, the complaints filed against it should give one pause. Generally the weight of a complaint should always outweigh the weight of praise. There are often real reasons behind complaints, real people losing money that can’t quickly be earned back. With the economy so erratic, people are having a hard time gaining a stable income. Consumers don’t want to throw away their hard-earned cash on any company that appears anything but completely trustworthy. The complaints against Morgan Gold may be the same complaints every company experiences. However, they may be real and have depth. Keep these points in mind when looking in to using Morgan Gold for rolling over IRAs and buying gold.

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