Regal Assets Company Review

It has been many years since the economy has been stable enough to trust. This has led many people to look at finding something more tangible to invest their money in, like gold coins and other precious metals. The gold investment industry is booming and there are many companies that will help make this process easy. One of the best in the business is called Regal Assets. They are the highest rated Gold IRA company all over the web and come highly recommended.

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Regal Assets offering complimentary Gold Kit

Regal are currently offering a completely free, no strings attached, gold investment kit to potential investors:

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Simply fill out the form on their website but be sure to enter the correct phone number as they will call you to confirm your details before sending your complimentary investors kit. You will be amazed at the return you will see on your Regal Assets gold investment, read below to find out more about what makes investing with Regal Assets a fantastic opportunity.

Regal Assets the Facts


It is easy to say that a company is a shining example in their own industry without showing proof. With Regal Assets, there is plenty of proof that the company is one of the best. Regal Assets is currently an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating. This is the highest rating that the BBB can give, since Regal Assets is an outstanding example for all other businesses in the gold IRA industry.

This isn’t the only consumer advocacy group that holds Regal Assets in high regard. The Consumer Business Alliance Is an organization that polices Southern California companies in the name of consumers of the state. They grade on a scale of F to AAA. Regal Assets also holds the highest grade the CBA can give a full AAA rating within their system.  Both agencies clearly hold Regal Assets aloft as one of their most trusted businesses.


Over a Decade of Experience

Regal Assets has been in the gold investment game since the early 21st century. The founders of the company didn’t just appear from out of the blue, they cut their teeth working in and around investment firms throughout the financial industry. These gentlemen did their best to hire employees that were as knowledgeable about gold and precious metals as they were. This foundation has led to a company that is trustworthy and puts the customer first. This helps create a business that is a bit beyond other gold IRA companies in the business.

Consumer Focus

If the endorsement of some of the premiere consumer advocacy groups isn’t enough, what about endorsements from the consumers themselves? When the Better Business Bureau set up Trust Link, the organization wanted to be able to give consumers a voice. The site is driven by consumers that report on businesses and companies throughout the world. Each reviewer can give a company one to five stars, with five being the top. These reviews are then averaged out and the company assigned a one to five-star rating. Regal Assets currently holds a five-star rating with over two hundred reviews. Other positive reviews can be found around the net, showing that the company always puts consumers first.

Rolling Over with Ease

One of the reasons Regal Assets is a step above other companies in the industry is how easy it is to work with the agents and staff. One of the main services from Regal Assets is rolling over a 401(k) or Individual Retirement Account in to a gold or other precious metal based IRA. This involves many steps, since the process goes from one trustee to another. Regal Assets makes sure all the work is done on their side. If any issues arise, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at the company addresses them in a quick and efficient manner. Since rolling over an IRA is one of the main tent-poles of the business, Regal Assets makes sure to handle every aspect in a professional manner. It is a breath of fresh air to be able to work with a company that handles both customers and business in such a manner.

A final thought

There are many companies in the industry competing to help a person invest in gold. Regal Assets is one that stands out above the rest. They have a professional and knowledgeable staff that puts the customer first. The company also has a history in the industry, so they understand the gold investment process. It is one of the best choices for rolling over an IRA and investing in gold and other precious metals.

Still have question or want to get started? You can find out more about Regal Assets at their official website:



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