Rosland Capital Company Review

There is a good reason so many potential investors are looking at putting money in to gold and other precious metals. The economy is far from stable and many traditional investment routes are closed. This leads people to look at other types of investments.

his is especially true for those that are wanting to secure their retirement. Since anyone with a self-directed Individual Retirement Account or a 401k can rollover their funds in to physical goods, many are looking at gold and precious metals. The price of gold is steady even through the harshest economic rise and decline. Many companies are helping customers understand the complexities involved in this process. Rosland Capital is one such company that often gets rave reviews on the World Wide Web. Is this company worth using or are these reviews just telling the wrong tale?


Comments from Consumers

The Ripoff Report is one of the oldest consumer review sites on the internet. Started in the 1990’s, this site is well-respected by consumers worldwide. There are several complaints against Rosland Capital on the Ripoff Report website, but one of the most egregious complaints involves $25,000 in savings. In summary the complaint claims that:

Once the customer gave the company the money he had saved over a lifetime, Rosland Capital said they would send him the gold coins he ordered. Rosland Capital said it would be up to three weeks for the gold to arrive at his doorstep. It is claimed the gold never showed up so the customer decided to call Rosland Capital to find out what had happened to his purchase. During his call the employees of the company were apparently rude to the customer and he claims they didn’t help him find out what was happening. After researching the company and finding out that others had complaints against it, the customer drove out to where Rosland Capital is located. He didn’t find the company and does not appear to be satisfied with them.


On another consumer review site called the Complaints List; there are a few different complaints against Rosland Capital. One of the worse involves a customer that bought a set of coins from the company. These coins were supposed to be valued at a high price. However, after a period of time the customer decided he needed to sell the coins. The customer claims he tried to find out the current worth from the agent on the phone, but never received an adequate response. He eventually received an email telling him that his investment was down a full twenty-five percent from what he expected. After researching the company, the customer claims that Rosland were taking a large commission out of the sale of his coins and this was never brought up in any conversations or documents the customer had on hand.


Looking at the positive

These stories aren’t the only reviews found about Rosland Capital on the internet. There are many others that show the company in a much more positive light. This helps restore a bit of balance to the company. No company would last very long if they were mistreating all their customers. Rosland shows that it can successfully help many people live the dreams of investing in gold and other precious metals. These people are happy and increasing numbers of positive reviews will encourage others to try the company. This should help a customer feel a bit better when considering the company as a place for IRA rollovers and gold investment.

That’s not the end of it

Many of the complaints seem to be valid so Rosland Capital should be investigated carefully by the consumer before using them to ensure they are a good fit for their needs. Rosland capital is a business that is based on trust. This trust is built between the company and the customer and should never be broken. When that bond is stretched, it becomes harder to recommend the company. There are positive reviews but consumers should be cautious about their weight next to the negative ones. The best thing a potential customer can do is research Rosland Capital and make a well-informed decision.

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