Sterling Trust Company Review

There is a new form of company that has appeared in increasing amounts over the last ten to fifteen years. These companies are eschewing the traditional investment world and aiming to sell gold and precious metals to the common person. Each company helps the average Joe roll over their 401k or Individual Retirement Account to a gold based IRA. This is to help secure gold and other precious metals in such a way that the value upon retirement is secure. Sterling Trust is one of these new companies and aims to help all comers get in to the gold and precious metals investment game. Are they a company to trust or one that should be avoided?


Complaints from Consumers

Scambook is one of the new breed of consumer advocacy sites that is based on consumer reviews. One complaint listed against Sterling Trust suggests poor customer service. The client claims the following:

They decided to go with the company after hearing an advertisement on a Christian radio station. After talking with the company, money was invested to buy gold coins through the Sterling Trust. The company used an outside retailer called Superior Gold to buy the coins. Unfortunately the customer claims coins never came and they were left with an empty account. Sterling Trust didn’t acknowledge any wrong doing in this Endeavour and continued to charge the client for accounts that had no capital in them. The complaint does not indicate that any resolution has been found.

Another consumer driven review site is called the Complaints Board. This site has several complaints filed against Sterling Trust, all which follow the same pattern established through Scambook. According to the complaints the customers wanted to roll over his 401k in to gold based IRA. Sterling Trust was happy to do this but they used Superior Gold to buy the gold coins and precious metals needed for the gold based IRA. It is claimed that both companies charged many different fees for the services rendered but never actually delivered the product. It is unclear from the complaint if the situation has been resolved.

These and other complaints show a company that is out of touch with the customers that drive its base. Trust and communication are the key to keeping that bond alive. If these complaints are accurate unfortunately Sterling Trust appears to have broken that bond, at least on occasion. However it must be kept in mind that all companies can experience problems at some point and often complaints found on the web are fuelled further by client emotions.


Looking at the Positive

There are many positive reviews on the internet about the company, ones which state that the people are happy with the services. This shows that Sterling Trust can be a competent company to invest with. There are agents that work for the company that want to treat people with the respect that they deserve. This helps balance out the negative reviews that are seen online. With at least a few customers happy, it is acceptable to at least consider using the company for any IRA or 401k rollover. No company can stay alive without a customer base. This means that Sterling Trust has to keep a good amount of customers happy to stay in business. There are also laws that have to be followed to help curtail many abuses by companies. This means that Sterling Trust can be trusted by a good amount of people.

The truth behind the name

Sterling Trust is a name that has several levels of meaning. It is possible that the name refers to a trust so deep that it is precious. It could also mean that it is a trust set up with precious metals and other high value items. This isn’t a name that was picked at random, but it deliberate in the story it tells. The stack of complaints on the internet tells a story that refutes what the name may be trying to suggest. If a person is looking to invest with the Sterling Trust we recommend researching them well before deciding if they are suitable.

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